Welcome to my site. Art has an amazing way of pulling in the viewer and creating true emotion. Everyone sees abstract art a little differently. For some, the colors are what pull them in, while others find the textures to be what's interesting. Some are drawn to it by the sheer movement of the piece. That's why I love to create abstract acrylic art. I always look forward to the "reaction" of my work. You will be able to view my original paintings and find links to be able to purchase my prints as well. I create original, contemporary, abstract art using acrylics and watercolors on high quality canvas that is both colorful and highly texturized. If you have an appreciation for beautiful paintings, visit my gallery. I sell affordable original art directly from my website. Please visit my contact page for information about pricing or just to leave a comment. I create original art that combines complexity with simplicity with an emphasis on using colors to create peace and joy for my viewers. My website is always evolving as do my works so please check back for new creations. I also have information on upcoming exhibitions and art festivals that I participate in. I always encourage people to come out to the festivals to be able to see multiple pieces in one place. It always brings me such joy to be able to talk with people and hear comments on my contemporary acrylic paintings. Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy my work.
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Abstract Acrylic Art